Book on Future Genesis

It’s an old dream of mankind to be able to foresee future developments. Multi-, inter-, and transdisciplinary futures research created multiple methods to describe possible, probable, preferable, and preventable futures.

However, the theoretical explanation of future developments that goes beyond mere description is at an early stage. In my book on future genesis, selected social theories of change are analyzed weather and in how far they are able not only to explain past, but also future development.

Path Dependence, Path Breaking, and Path Creation: A Theoretical Scaffolding for Futures Studies?

The June issue of the Journal of Futures Studies contains a special section on “path dependence, path breaking, and path creation” which I had the honor to supervise as guest editor. The double-blind reviewed issue contains papers by Marc R. H. Roedenbeck, Udo Staber, Gerd Schienstock, Nina Kolleck/Gerhard de Haan/Robert Fischbach, Tamás Gáspár and me.