About me


I was born on November 24th, 1977 in Berlin Kreuzberg. After a short stay in Goslar/Harz, I grew up in Berlin’s north and southwest. I lived in the United States and Australia for one year.

As an adult, I changed my original birth name, Alexander Ralf Cyberski, in accordance with §§ 1, 11 NamÄndG to Alexander Victor Tiberius. I have two younger sisters (born 1985 and 1991), two nephews (born 2012 and 2014) and a niece (born 2016).

My hobbies are fiction, film, music, and good food. You may consider me as a great enthusiast for wrist watches (I painstakingly saved up money to buy my first quality wrist watch at the age of 13) and automobiles. My sport activities extend to fitness, table tennis, swimming, and golf tees.

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